Dr. Catriona Duncan
Neurosurgery, Pediatrics
GOSH - Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Consultant Physician in Neurology
Dr. Duncan is a Paediatric Oncologist, as well as the lead for the retinoblastoma service at GOSH. Dr. Duncan is an educational supervisor and clinical supervisor of both senior and junior trainees and is the Oncology representative responsible for improving quality and flow of delivery service to families at GOSH.
Gosh is one of only two treatment centres in the UK dedicated to treating retinoblastoma, and one of the largest centres for retinoblastoma in Europe. As the clinical lead for the retinoblastoma service at GOSH, Dr. Duncan has worked closely with NHS and Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and is responsible for reviewing and auditing retinoblastoma services in the UK.
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
  • Member of the Special Interest Group Renal Tumors of International Children's Cancer Association
  • Member of International Neuroblastoma Research Group
  • Member of Scientific Committee of the Paediatric Eye Cancer Trust
  • Member of International Children's Cancer Association
  • retinoblastoma

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