Not only providing international consultation and concierge services to member customers, Circle Harmony also established the Expert Committee consisting of doctors, nutritionist, rehabilitation therapist and psychological consultant, which designs Annual Healthcare and Disease Management individually for each member to better take care of your well-being.


Dedicated Doctor Team

A dedicated team of doctors at Circle Harmony is composed of General Practitioners, rehabilitation therapists, dieticians, psychological counselors and health concierge. Built on their rich experiences, complementary strengths and close collaboration, the team provides members and their families with personalized healthcare services that are comprehensive, consistent, effective and timely.

General practitioners provide daily overall health management.

Rehabilitation therapists offer the best rehabilitation advice.
Nutritionists develop nutrition plans.

Psychological counselors provide psychological advice.
Your health concierge manages your experience and health outcomes.

Personalized Health Assessment

Everyone has his/her unique health condition, and we feel it is imperative to have a personalized health checkup. Circle Harmony highly values disease prevention and control. Through health indicator measurements and personalized physical and psychological health assessments, we manage our members’ health in a more evidence-based and comprehensive manner.

Members’ Health Record

Circle Harmony creates and maintains comprehensive medical records that contains not only our members’ basic data like age, gender, weight, height, allergies and non-sensitive family medical history, but also the cause, development, treatment and rehabilitation processes of their illness. Based on regular comparisons of these data and information, the doctor team is able to notice any change on a member’s conditions and make better medical decisions.

Developing Customized Health Plans

Circle Harmony’s health plan is:

We will consider the appropriate health management and lifestyle of each member when developing the member-exclusive plan.
We aim at meeting the full needs of customers by combining different health packages, rather than managing individual diseases separately.
Different teams are integrated together to collaborate in a multidisciplinary approach and manage the overall health of our members.
Target Focused
Personalized targets are set together with the customers.
Plans are adjusted based on lifestyle, personalized targets or changes in clinical condition of our members.
We are capable of providing better management and improvement of our members’ health no matter what their health status is.

Example: Diabetes Management Plan

Taking diabetes as an example, we offer a variety of personalized health plans, including:

Suspected Diabetes
Diagnosis and appropriate workup
Diabetes Prevention
Including lifestyle modification and customer education

According to our customer’s diabetes status:

Care for Newly Diagnosed Customers
Including initial assessment, examinations, tests, management plan and education
Self-management of Diabetes
Including assessment and discussion on current management plan, tests, examinations, medication review, prevention of risk factors of chronic complications, education, disease management goals and health plan, etc.
Reducing the Risk of Complications (e.g. Microvascular Complication, Diabetic Foot or Diabetic Oculopathy)
This will involve close collaboration between Endocrinology / Nutrition / Psychology / Dermatology / Ophthalmology / Sports medicine and other disciplines to develop personalized health management.

Exclusive Health Concierge Team

Circle Harmony Health Concierge team is known to have extensive clinical backgrounds, which enables the team to provide holistic, personalized, clinical care services to our members.

Our team provides comprehensive and systematic supports for our members through facilitating health checkups, physician visits, follow-ups, treatments, rehabilitation advices, continuous self-management and annual health plan monitoring.

Your health concierge team will provide you with, but not limited to, the following services:

Escort and Assistance
We will facilitate you to make or change appointments; provide pre-visit reminders and escort you during your visit.
Regular Health Follow-up
We will have regular interactions with you to follow up and assure the implementation of the health management plan, while promptly responding to your queries of any related problems.
Care for Newly Diagnosed Customers
We will help you to enhance your health knowledge and health literacy.
Organizing Activities
We will organize health lectures, art salon, food tasting and other member-exclusive activities for you.

Member-exclusive Hot Line

We provide a member-exclusive hot line. Along with your health concierge team, we are ready respond to your questions promptly and professionally.

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