Based on its close collaboration relationships with some of the influential AAA hospitals in China and the leading hospitals abroad, Circle Harmony has developed international multidisciplinary consultation business and established medical resources platform worldwide. The business ensures clinical effects of targeted treatment, and that our customers obtain professional consultants and services.

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We can provide recommendations and arrangements among more than 3500 consultants around the UK and European continent, including outstanding members from the Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and our resource network covers internationally-renowned hospitals, medical schools and institutions.

Circle Harmony’s International Consultant Service is an extension and upgrade of its offline medical services, which enables our clients to obtain international consultation without going abroad. To ensure optimal customer experience, we utilize the latest simulation conference system, image data transmission, remote IT technology and other technologies to make full use of Circle Harmony’s international medical network, to achieve real multi-disciplinary, integrated precision medicine.

The first step of international consultation process is consultation by medical expert from level A tertiary hospital in China. The second step is to organize a consultation with international expert recommended by Circle Harmony Expert Committee according to customer ‘s needs. With limited expenses, our customers receive high-quality, comprehensive medical care by international leading experts.

Circle Harmony’s International Referral Service provides customers more cross-border medical consultation options. The process starts with international consultation by local and international experts, ensuring our customers to have real-time communications with their pre-determined expert before departure. While they are receiving consultation abroad, the local experts will provide second consulting opinions and real-time Q&As to the customers, annihilating the possible inconveniences brought by multi-language communications.

Circle Harmony also provides international medical escort service per customers’ needs to ensure the continuity and professionalism of referral services. Their local experts will as well follow up the cases and continue treatments after the customer return from consultations and treatments abroad.

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